Rustic décor is no longer only for indoor spaces in log cabins, libraries, kitchens or living rooms. Using rustic outdoor furniture in open spaces can give your patio or pool area a homier feel. If you want a less formal, antique or country look to your home, rustic outdoor furniture is your answer. Rustic outdoor furniture pieces have certain qualities to them, and you should consider their style, color, texture and durability.


The style of rustic outdoor furniture is usually simple in it’s lines, with subtle details. Materials are often natural or organic, like wood, stone and metal. Wood materials often have natural patterns that give the piece of furniture some character. The naturalness of rustic furniture reminds you of the great outdoors and adventures in the country. Rustic outdoor furniture is usually man-made, which adds to its character.


You might want to choose colors for your rustic outdoor furniture that remind you of an old photograph. Rustic colors include rusty red, dark olive green and old rose.


The best thing about rustic outdoor furniture is that it has a variety of patterns and designs. Rustic outdoor furniture can have distressed surfaces to give it an antique feel. Also look for wicker and other handcrafted furniture. These textures can transform your outdoor area into something cozy and historical looking.


Genuine antique furniture could add charm to your patio but it could also present a mix of problems. First, placing a precious piece of antique furniture outside is like placing pillows outdoors during the rainy season. Exposure to the heat of the sun, moisture or humidity, water and chilly climates can contribute to the wearing and tearing of your antique furniture. Secondly, antique furniture is generally weaker in strength and its durability may have been affected over time. You would not want to place a pricey piece of furniture in the midst of harsh weather.

The good news is there are now rustic outdoor furniture pieces that are brand new but have an antique finish. These are perfect for those wanting to achieve a rustic look to their outdoor areas without having to worry about their furniture peeling and warping too soon.

Now there are also rustic outdoor furniture items that are made of plastic, but mimic the appearance of wooden or iron furnishings. These types of furniture are extremely affordable and can easily be moved around, making arranging and planning your outdoor area easy and less complicated.

Here are some tips on choosing rustic outdoor furniture:

* The furniture must not be glossy or reflect light. Choose materials that do not reflect too much light and cause a lot of glare. You want to give the space an old appearance, not a modern one.

* Do not use ordinary plastic furniture — this goes against anything rustic! The addition of plastic furniture will make your space incoherent and unpleasant to the eye.

* Avoid using glass tops as these reflect light and are too modern looking for a rustic décor.

* Choose materials like weathered wood, dark colored iron and rough stone.